Salem Foundation Repair Company Can Prevent Damage To Your Home

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Locating A Foundation Repair Company in Salem

TerraFiram is a Foundation Repair ComapnyMany problems that affect basement foundations can be fixed with a call to a Salem, OR foundation repair company. Basement foundation problems can cause serious damage to a home which will result in sloping floors, sticking doors and windows, water seepage in the basement, and cracked drywall. In order to fix the problem properly, it is necessary to understand how the problem occurred. If you have experienced these problems in your home, you should call a company that has the expertise and experience to assess these problems. The assessment will allow the homeowner or business owner to understand how these problems were caused and how they can be solved. The repair company will also provide an estimate of the cost of fixing these problems.


Unstable Foundation Situations

In Oregon, many foundations are subjected to great pressures because the soil is very unstable in many areas. This can occur if the ground is very spongy or very sandy, or if the soil contains a lot of fill. To create a very stable foundation for a building requires the proper actions. Steel piles that are driven into the soil for approximately 22 feet will create a stable foundation for a building. A foundation repair company in Oregon can place these piles in the proper position while a home is being constructed so the foundation will be stabilized and avoid problems due to settling or eroding soil.


Recognizing Foundation Problems Salem, OR

The excessive amount of precipitation in Oregon can contribute to Oregon basement foundation problems. The frequent rainfall can erode the soil and cause the foundation to settle or shift as a result. A foundation repair company can install a drainage system that will prevent this type of soil erosion.


Many homes with drainage problems are not diagnosed correctly. A trained professional will be able to detect cracks and sloping floors that are caused by drainage problems that lead to settling soil.


Once the problem has been identified correctly, it can be taken care of in the best way so that it does not cause further structural damage to the home. This can be far less expensive than ignoring the problem and allowing it to become worse.


TerraFirma Foundation Systems is a foundation repair company in Salem, OR. We are able to find a resolve your damaged foundation.

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