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Residential Foundation Inspection in Salem

If you discover that there are problems with the basement foundation of your home, you should call an expert to conduct an assessment. Many homeowners make the mistake of taking care of the obvious symptoms in a cracked foundation but they ignore the cause of the cracks. When a basement foundation has cracked, it can mean that there are problems in the soil surrounding your home and the problems can become worse. By having a foundation inspection Salem you can be assured that the problem will be taken care of properly. You need to have an engineering expert who has many years of experience in analyzing building structures and foundation problems.


Foundation Crack Inspection

TerraFirma Provides Foundation Crack InspectionAn expert who conducts a Salem foundation inspection should provide you with a very thorough written report that will detail the results of the investigation. The report should list every detail about the problems which the engineers discovered as well as a list of their recommended solutions. The inspection must explain the root cause of each defect in the foundation that has been identified. In addition, the engineers should identify any potential problem which could arise in the future due to conditions in the surrounding soil and the existing home structure. If there is any active movement of the foundation, it must be addressed quickly in order to prevent more problems. It is much easier to address foundation problems when they first appear instead of waiting until serious structural damage occurs.


Foundation Repair in Oregon

Fortunately, most foundation repairs are not very expensive. This will reassure those who are delaying a foundation inspection in Salem, OR because they are worried they will need costly repairs. In many cases, cracks that appear in basement foundations are caused by normal expansion and contraction caused by changing temperatures. In some cases, an inspection will reveal a need for more extensive repairs to the foundation. However, this will still be less costly than allowing the foundation problem to deteriorate so the structure of the home is irreversibly damaged.


A frequent problem that occurs in Salem is that the foundation may shift and settle. This can be caused when the home is built on a base that was not properly compacted with the result that it continues to contract and expand. If this situation is not corrected in time, the entire house may be ruined.


Salem Oregon Foundation Repair Firms

Reputable foundation repair firms often provide a no obligation foundation inspection Salem Oregon. The most reliable companies will have expert foundation engineers working for them. After they inspect the premises, they will recommend the best course of action to the homeowner. If you do not get an inspection by engineering experts and choose to mask the problem with a cheap repair by a local handyman, you may create more problems and expense for yourself.


TerraFirma Foundation Systems will provide a reliable foundation inspection in Salem, OR for your home or business.

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