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Though it is intended to stay level for the lifetime of a home, there are times when concrete slabs become unleveled. When this occurs it is because the support system under the slab changes and becomes unstable causing the concrete to shift and become unleveled. When this happens a string of unfortunate events such as broken water lines and cracks in the interior walls will begin to appear.


Mudjacking Company TerraFirma Foundation SystemsUnder a foundation that becomes compromised the underlying soil can begin to erode away. This is especially true for soils that have a higher content of clay. Southern Oregon residents with foundations that are not holding up to their original form will need a Salem mudjacking company to restore and stabilize their foundations.


After creating a special mixture known as slurry, a mudjacking contractor will pump the mixture under a compromised foundation slab. The process of adding slurry under the slab fills gaps and restores the foundation to its original level. Each home may require a difference of slurry contents and amount of slurry needed to restore the concrete foundation.


Mudjacking and Slabjacking Salem Oregon

Commonly known as mudjacking in Oregon this process is also known as concrete leveling, slabjacking and pressure grouting. Not only is the process used on concrete foundations under homes and other buildings it is also effective for repairing curbs and sidewalks that are crumbling or sinking. Over a period of time there are many issues that can cause concrete to settle and even sink far below its original level within a few short years of being poured.


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When a concrete surface settles it is often the result of the underlying soil eroding as a result of not being properly compacted before the concrete was poured. Sloped areas often see problems with concrete failing as a result of soil erosion, especially if the winter season received a lot of rain. Additionally, homes that have been erected for nearly ten years may experience problems resulting from the grounds naturally settling.


As a result of the ground settling a slab can begin to sink and tilt, which may create problems with water runoff, develop hazards in walkways, as well as cause the foundation to develop major problems. When these issues arise a mudjacking business in Salem, OR can easily make the necessary repairs to prevent further damage. By drilling holes and filling the gaps under damaged concrete with slurry that is pumped into the holes using pressure the slab levels out naturally. After this process the Salem mudjacking company will fill the holes that were drilled to make the repair with a mixture of concrete to seal them.


These problems all begin with subtle hints such as cracks that suddenly appear above doors and windows. Making repairs to these cracks is futile, they eventually return because they are caused by the concrete slab settling under the home.


When seeing these signs a Salem Oregon mudjacking company like TerraFirma Foundation Systems should be called to make repairs that restore the home to its original level.

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